According to my mum I have had an affinity with the spirit world since I was born. I chose to develop it further in my early 20's, alongside various healing modalities after reading The Prospering Power of Love by Catherine Ponder, which had been recommended to me in a psychic reading.

This began a love affair with the Angels and not long after my husband who I have been with for 24 years.

My personal healing journey began fully in my late thirties when experiences from the past and heightened anxiety had impacted my personal and physical life so much so that I could no longer ignore them. 

I am not a huge fan of labels as I believe we are all unique, however, I would say that I have total understanding of the definition of  'HSP Highly Sensitive Person' and what it feels like to feel totally overwhelmed with the feelings and emotions of others and their surroundings, especially anxiety. 

I always work connected to source and the person's higher self, whilst recognising the importance of being grounded and practical within our mindset. Incorporating practical life skills such as learning to speak from our hearts, setting healthy personal boundaries and asking for assistance and support without hesitation, makes life much more fun and much more easier to enjoy and navigate!

Truly grateful to the many healing modalities including Magnified Healing Reiki, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Siobhan Purcell Energy Healer & Teacher Emotional Detox Therapy, Vitali-Chi, Access Consciousness, Dowsing Spirit ~ Heal Your Home, AHA Belief Change Programme Divine Healing and all of the of the wonderful books, learnings, workshops and classes that I have attended over the years and which filter throughout my practice. Each and every one of them have contributed to me honing and bringing to the fore my very own healing techniques which are forever evolving.
I have no words for the love that I have for the higher realms, source, my guardian angel, the beings of light and spirit guides, who are always by my side assisting and guiding me with the highest vibration of love that never fails to move me. Reminding me always that we are indeed all one.

Anna xo